Anyone went to prom yet?!

I wanna see pictures!

Saturday May 5 @ 04:27pm

idle-tessavirginiayoung said: i think it'd be super helpful if you added another link to just picture with makeup! it'd be easier to search through them (like I'm doing right now!)

Oops, thought I did. Well its done!

Thursday May 5 @ 11:50pm

Anonymous said: Any tips on how I can keep my makeup from smudging on prom night?

You should get the all night setting spray by Urban Decay. It works! I have it! 

Thursday May 5 @ 11:49pm

Anonymous said: if I have a late hair appointment, is it really bad If I have to get makeup done beforehand?

I mean no its not! Haha. If you have time, then I would recommend to book make up after hair. But if you must do it before, you should get this setting spray from Urban Decay. Here’s the link, you can get it from Sephora: http://www(.)sephora(.)com/all-nighter-long-lasting-makeup-setting-spray-P263504

Thursday May 5 @ 11:48pm

taylor-tami said: should girls get their makeup done before or after they get their hair done?

Do it after. That way your makeup will look more fresh for the event and won’t smear as much!

Thursday May 5 @ 02:32pm

Anonymous said: i need shoe ideas!! my prom is two weeks from now and ive already got my dress. its a nude with like gold stones on it and like nude ballerina tutu material (idk the name lol sorry, tulle i think?) but anyway, i really need an idea of what kind of heels to get, please help? :3

You could either get glittery gold pumps, or gold t-strap heels. I think it would be best if you got a shoe thats glittery, but at the same time has some straps on it to give it that ballerina esque.

Monday Apr 4 @ 11:44pm

neversayneverloveforever said: opps i think i inbboxed you :P so my dress is a one shoulder dress and its pink and long. I want my hair up because i want it to show my strap cause it has lots of beading/ crystals.But i need help on my make up i dont want anything over the top any suggestions?

The second one, instead of coral, you could a pink or a neutral color so it would match with the pink but still won’t be over the top! 

Monday Apr 4 @ 07:43pm

Anonymous said: I'm going to two proms. My boyfriends and mine. Mine was this past weekend and I wore a long purple mermaid dress. Should I wear the same one for my bf's prom (which is in two weeks) or should I get a new one? short or long?????

It really depends. A lot of girls never want to repeat their prom dresses for…another prom. But if you can afford another one, go ahead! And it doesn’t matter if its short or long. Depends on your preference. 

Monday Apr 4 @ 07:03pm

Anonymous said: What type of makeup, jewelry, and shoes should I wear with a tan colored dress? it is a little puffy, strapless and short. And what about hair? I have medium brown hair and little skin tone. Thanks a lot!

For tan, you can either go with gold or diamond jewelry! As for makeup, depending on which jewelry you wear, you can either do a smokey eye with gold or silver shimmer. But that’s if you’re fair to pale skinned. If you are dark or fairly tanned, I suggest trying with lighter eyeshadows and then just use dark colors for the crease of your eyelids. For lips, keep it natural with natural shades or a soft pink. For hair, I suggest putting it down and curl it. Add a few braids if you wanna. Or you can put it in a messy bun to the side but leave your banes out :]

Monday Apr 4 @ 07:03pm

Anonymous said: I need advice in two things. 1) my dress is a deep red. I wanted to do a red lip to match, and my hair is going to have those deep 50's waves. I don't know whether to keep my eyes simple or go all out and have a complimenting smoky look. Also, should I do red French tipped nails or white? 2) I want to ask the guy I like to prom, but I'm afraid he already has a date and prom is this weekend. Should I go ahead and ask or just wait till prom to just try and dance with him?

1) If you are going with red lips, keep your eyes simple. You shouldn’t have red lips with smokey eyes because the two are so bold it will clash and not look good…go with white tip french nails. Red just makes it look cheap and trashy. 
2) Ask his friend or ask around if he has a date. Or better yet, start a convo with him and gradually ask who he’s going to prom with.  

Monday Apr 4 @ 06:09pm

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